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Stylish Men Comfortable Shoes
Stylish Men Comfortable Shoes
Stylish Men Comfortable Shoes
Stylish Men Comfortable Shoes
Stylish Men Comfortable Shoes
Stylish Men Comfortable Shoes
Stylish Men Comfortable Shoes

Stylish Men Comfortable Shoes

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Please check the size chart before purchase, in cm, thank you
Convert your size to US size using the size chart found below

US size 6.5 = EUR 39 =Fit For foot length 24.1-24.5 cm

US size 7 = EUR 40 = Fit For foot length 24.6-25.0 cm

US size 8 = EUR 41 = Fit For foot length 25.1-25.5 cm

US size 8.5 = EUR 42 =Fit For foot length 25.6-26.0 cm

US size 9 = EUR 43 = Fit For foot length 26.1-26.5 cm

US size 10 = EUR 44 = Fit For foot length 26.6-27.0 cm

US size 11 = EUR 45 = Fit For foot length 27.1-27.5 cm

US size 12 = EUR 46 = Fit For foot length 27.6-28 cm

US size 12.5 = EUR 47 = Fit For foot length 28-28.5 cm

US size 13 = EUR 48 = Fit For foot length 28.6-29 cm

US size 13.5 = EUR 49 = Fit For foot length 29-29.5 cm

US size 14 = EUR 50 = Fit For foot length 29.6-30 cm


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Classically styled with attractive brown leather, these new and improved orthopedic shoes feature unparalleled comfort with cushioned soles that promote good posture as they eliminate muscle weakness and imbalances. Perfect for daily wear, travel, or virtually any other occasion,



Reliable Traction: From rain to ice and even snow, these shoes will provide a traction that helps to eliminate the risk of slips and falls

Orthopedic InnovationFeaturing an ultra-supportive sole and even pressure distribution, these shoes provide support to both the mechanics and structure of the foot, ankle, and leg.

Reduction in Pain: You’ll be amazed at just how much more comfortable these shoes make walking both short and long distances with their soft, supportive sole and savvy design.

Slip-Resistant Sole: With a secure and comfortable fit, you’ll never have to worry about slipping around in the shoe or feeling unstable

Superior Support:  Ideal for those used to experiencing pain in the foot, ankle, or leg, these shoes feature a specially designed sole that supports you from your toes to your thigh.

Versatile DesignWith a handsome leather design and stylish stitching, these shoes look great for casual and dressy occasions alike!

► Premium Materials: With a genuine leather material used on both the outside and inside of the shoe, you can rest assured this is one pair of shoes designed to last.


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