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Portable Dog Water Bottle
Portable Dog Water Bottle
Portable Dog Water Bottle

Portable Dog Water Bottle

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This small pet water bottle is made with high quality flexible food-grade plastic. It’s BPA-free and FDA certification approved. Durable & recyclable. Never ever worry about your pet gets hurt from toxins. Enjoy the safe and funny outdoor act with your pet.

Main Features:

Recover unused water

Keep the cup horizontally, unlock, and press the water key to fill through with water, release the water key to stop water. This travel drink bottle’ water key allows you to fill through with water and return the unused water back into the bottle. Finish feeding, turn the lock key to lock water, keep the cup out of leakage.

Wouldn’t you like a food grade water bottle to make sure your pet safe?

Dogs drinking wild water are easy to illness, drink clean water is very important. Pet-NewYork water bottle meets your requirements. BPA Free, Antibacterial, Leak Proof, Food Grade. Love sports dogs also need food. In outdoors, you can put the foods for your dogs in the 2.76 inches big trough.

Leak-proof and convenient

It not only ensures dog drinking water easily but also cat, rabbit or other small pet to drinking water easily. You can put this bottle into your pocket, backpack or hanging on your hand with sling rope.