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Paintless Dent Remover Bar
Paintless Dent Remover Bar
Paintless Dent Remover Bar
Paintless Dent Remover Bar
Paintless Dent Remover Bar

Paintless Dent Remover Bar

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Removing car dents can be very costly and time consuming. Fortunately there is a Paintless Dent Remover Bar.
This Paintless Dent Remover Bar eliminates the need to spend a lot of money for paintworks and labor cost. It can remove all kinds of dents on cars, trucks, motorcyclesand on appliances like washing machine and refrigerators. It has a unique arched bridge design that eliminates the chance for additional damage. This Paintless Dent Remover Bar is the most efficient and cost effective method for removing door dings and minor dents from your automobile.


  • Easy handling
  • Widely used, can remove, hail damage, door dings, minor collision dents, and creases., repair on the metal surface, such as auto, motorcycle, refrigerator, washing machine etc.
  • Causes no damage to the original paint the process does not disturb the paint - ensuring your factory finish and warranty remains intact.
  • Save you time and money


  • Clean the dent with a clean wet cloth.
  • Mount the glue stick into the glue gun, pull the trigger to let the glue stick enter into the glue gun, connect the power source and preheat for 5 minutes;
  • Use a proper drawing gasket. Large dent requires a large drawing gasket.
  • Pull the trigger and apply the drawing gasket with extruded glue;
  • Fast place the drawing gasket with hot melt glue at the center of dent, press lightly until the glue cures and adheres;
  • Align the T-shaped repairer and press the drawing gasket with hot melt glue, pull the sliding rod backwards to pull up the dent;
  • Check with a Line board. If dent still exists, knock it slightly with a flattening hammer or pen;
  • Clean the repaired place with a clean wet cloth. 


  • 18x PDR Glue Pulling Tabs
  • 1x 2 in 1 Dent Remover T Bar Tools