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Men's Cycle Jersey ~ Short Sleeve, Dagger

Men's Cycle Jersey ~ Short Sleeve, Dagger

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Inspired by the Pros, our Cycling Kits will have you feeling stylish and comfortable during your rides, and all day long too!

Made with care, to look good, feel better and can endure all the elements, so you truly are comfortable before, during, and after riding.

Ideal for any type of riding: Road, CX, MTB, Time Trialing, Cyclo Cross, Track and Cycle Speedway. 

Materials: Polyester and Lycra Spandex


  • Breathable, High Quality and Lightweight 
  • Up to 30 UPF Sun Protection Rating
  • Reduces Humidity in Summer
  • Keeps You Warm in Winter
  • Quick Dry and Wind Resistant
  • Doesn't Adhere to Sweaty Skin
  • Strong and Durable SBS Zipper
  • Designed and Made to NOT Fade
  • Natural & Environmentally Friendly Fabrics

Please see size chart in the photos, here below, or here.

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